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Celtics vs Trail Blazers Prediction Betting Preview

Celtics vs Trail Blazers Prediction: The Boston Celtics (28-26) are headed to Portland Tuesday night to go against the Portland Trail Blazers (31-22) at 10 p.m. ET in the Moda Center. Below, I will be sharing with you my picks and predictions for when these two top tier teams meet Tuesday evening.
Odds, Spreads, and Lines

Last updated: 5 p.m. ET April 12th
Moneyline: Celtics (-105), Trail Blazers (-115)
Against the spread: Celtics +1 (-110), Trail Blazers -1 (-110)
Over/Under: O 227 (-110), U 227 (-110)

Injury Report:
Evan Fournier (Health & Safety Protocols) – ruled out for Sunday’s game against Denver
Trail Blazers:
Zach Collins (Ankle) – ruled out Tuesday
Healthy Celtics Finding Their Rhythm
When the Boston Celtics are healthy, they pose problems for opposing teams. With Jayson Tatum back in the starting lineup every night, they have a reliable player to lean on down the stretch.
Not to mention he has one of the best supportings casts in the NBA with Jaylen Brown, Kemba Walker, and Marcus Smart. However, Walker is having one of his worst seasons statistically averaging around his career low with just 17.6 points per game this season. In the month of April, his most points scored in a contest was only 17 in their win against the Timberwolves in overtime.
While Kemba’s been struggling, Tatum has had no trouble taking over the spotlight. Averaging 25.7 points per game and 29 in April, Tatum has truly taken over as the lead role for the Celtics. Not only that, but he’s crashing the boards and averaging 10 rebounds within their last 3 games.
Some would argue that Tatum has been sharing that same spotlight with teammate and good friend, Jaylen Brown. While Brown certainly was putting up career numbers in the first half of the season, it’s fair to say that Brown continues to play a crucial role in the Celtics success as of late. Most recently it was his heroic performance with 32 points in a 101-99 win against the Knicks that sealed the deal.
When the Celtics travel to Portland they will be seeking out their 4th straight win. In April thus far, the Celtics have an overall record of 5-1 with wins against 3 teams that are playoff contenders. Their one loss comes against the Eastern Conference #1 seed, the Philadelphia 76ers (36-17).
Celtics Key Wins of April:

4/4 116-86 Win vs Hornets (27-25)
4/7 101-99 Win vs Knicks (27-27)
4/11 105-87 Win vs Nuggets (34-19)

Those are some high-quality wins for the Celtics and I anticipate for them to keep their foot on the gas in making a push for a higher seed when the season comes to a finish. There is one problem. Each game, the team on the other side will be trying to get in their way and do everything in their power to knock them down.
Streaky Trail Blazers
The one thing that has been consistent throughout the Trail Blazers season is their ability to streak. It could be a hot streak of winning 6 in a row, or it could be the other way around in losses, but […]

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MLB The Show 21 Starts Off with a BANG: Here are the New Features

MLB The Show 21 Starts Off with a BANG: The highly anticipated video game series of MLB The Show is set to continue and its release date is scheduled for April 20th, 2021. You can pre-order it now to save you the time of downloading it on the release date. It will be available on several platforms such as the PS4 and PS5 as well as the XBOX One and XBOX Series X/S.
MLB The Show is looking to attract its previous audience back for more fun while also trying to bring in a new audience in the young and upcoming generation. With only a week remaining until the game is released to the public, we finally have a sense of some of the great features that will be put on display for this year’s version of MLB The Show.
New Features in MLB The Show 21
This will be the first time in MLB The Show history that the Playstation exclusive franchise will land on XBOX consoles. This is massive for the game as many XBOX users haven’t been able to witness the greatness of MLB The Show. All the common XBOX gamers now have a reason to purchase MLB The Show 21.
Since Playstation has decided to expand its network of opportunities to XBOX, there is now the ability for players to crossplay. This move will benefit sports gaming in a way that no one has seen before. Now players from Playstation and XBOX can compete with each other directly.
One of the newest and most popular added features will be known as the stadium creator. This will give players the ability to customize their own ballpark.
This mode is perfect for the younger generations as it encourages a great deal of imagination in designing a baseball stadium.
Yankee Stadium too short and too many homeruns? The Green Monster at Fenway too challenging to hit a homerun over? Build your own ballpark and make the necessary adjustments in allowing your player to hit his full potential.
One of the most popular parts of the MLB The Show series has been the games career mode, known as Road to the Show. It was recently announced that Road to the Show has the ability to connect to a unified ballplayer in linking a single created player to Road to the Show as well as Diamond Dynasty.
Diamond Dynasty is the most popular gamemode for MLB The Show players. Although the franchise hasn’t made any announcements or hints as to what upgrades will be made in the mode, the audience can expect something major. It is not often the video game series doesn’t live up to its expectations.
Lastly, MLB The Show 21 makes adjustments to detail by enhancing its gameplay updates for hitting, pitching, and fielding. New features like Pinpoint Pitching and PAR are ready to blow everyone’s eyes.
MLB The Show 21 Impact
MLB The Show 21 will have a significant impact on the gaming industry and its bright future. More recently, professional gamers have seen a dramatic rise in success and being noted as famous figures around the world. These professional gamers have been able to inspire the young and upcoming generations of the world.
Now, when someone asks a child, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and you hear the response of, “A professional video gamer” it won’t be of much surprise.
The MLB The Show series was already a thriving video game with solely Playstation users playing the game. Now, having expanded across XBOX consoles the game appeals to a whole new audience. An audience that a booming franchise can’t miss out on.
April 20th is the scheduled release date for MLB The Show 21 to be released. I, along with many others, am excited to see just how long of a home run they hit this time up to bat.

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Call of Duty League 2021 Standings and Updates

The 2021 Call of Duty League season is the second season for participants around the world competing in the league. The game is an esports-based video game that features a first-person shooting perspective that was published by Activision in 2003.
Throughout the years, Call of Duty has done nothing but learn to grow and adapt to its consumers’ interests. With settings ranging from Miami to outer space, Call of Duty truly wants their audience to experience something different each time a new update is released. This year the season features a battle that takes place during the Cold War.
Introducing the Teams
Atlanta FaZeDallas EmpireFlorida MutineersLondon Royal RavensLos Angeles GuerrillasLos Angeles ThievesMinnesota RokkrNew York SublinersOptic ChicagoParis LegionSeattle SurgeToronto Ultra
League Standings
There is a wide range of level of competition in the Call of Duty League this season. The dominant Atlanta Faze nearly went perfect, while the London Royal Ravens could barely win a match.
To be clear, there are much more games than there are matches in the league’s format. Call of Duty League points (CDL points) can be obtained by a group stage win, which results in the addition of ten points to their respective team.

Atlanta FaZe – 165 points – 12 matches won, 1 loss – 40 games won, 12 losses
Dallas Empire – 130 points – 9 matches won, 5 losses – 35 games won, 26 losses
New York Subliners – 120 points – 10 matches won, 5 losses – 33 games won, 24 losses
OpTic Chicago – 110 points – 9 matches won, 5 losses – 31 games won, 22 losses
Los Angeles Thieves – 80 points – 6 matches won, 7 losses – 22 games won, 27 losses
Minnesota Rokkr – 70 points – 6 matches won, 5 losses – 21 games won, 21 losses
Los Angeles Guerrillas – 70 points – 5 matches won, 8 losses – 21 games won, 30 losses
Florida Mutineers – 50 points – 5 matches won, 8 losses – 22 games won, 27 losses
Toronto Ultra – 50 points – 5 matches won, 8 losses – 24 games won, 31 losses
Paris Legion – 50 points – 4 matches won, 7 losses – 19 games won, 24 losses
Seattle Urge – 30 points – 3 matches won, 8 losses – 17 games won, 27 losses
London Royal Ravens – 2 matches won, 9 losses – 14 games won, 27 losses

Gameplay is being streamed on, and you can follow your favorite teams there. April 8 is a relatively big day for the league as a lot of outcomes are to be determined on this day.
The Subliners are going up against the Empire roughly 90 minutes prior to OpTic Chicago squaring off against Toronto Ultra, and both should be solid matches.
The hard truth is that no one quite holds to the standard of the Atlanta FaZe squad. With 12 matches won and only one loss, they enter the playoffs as the team to beat, and the one everyone is going to want to knock off.

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