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8th Inning Program Rewards

Content! Content! Content! The team over at San Diego Studios does it again and we have another week of new content. This week we have the 8th inning program.Just like the other programs, the 8th inning program gives out rewards at milestones. All of the rewards are completely free and can be obtained simply by playing the game and earning XP. Let’s take a look at the three bosses in the 8th inning ProgramChris SaleThe first option is 99 overall 300 Strikeout Club starting pitcher Chris Sale from the Boston Red Sox. This card is representative of Sale’s 2017 season where he recorded 308 strikeouts. Having this information, it is easy to see that this card is going to have an awesome repertoire of pitches.Sale has a four-pitch mix of four-seam, slider, circle-change, and sinker. If you have used any Chris Sale card in the past, a lot of the benefit from this card comes from his crazy arm slot. He has solid per 9s, with 101 H/9 and 121 K/9. Opponents will have much smaller PCI’s trying to hit one of the hardest pitchers in the game to hit.Ernie BanksAnother option of bosses is the 99 overall MVP Awards series shortstop Ernie Banks from the Chicago Cubs. Ernie Banks won the National League MVP in back-to-back years in 1958 and 1959. While this card does not disclose which year the card is built after, it does not matter because this card’s attributes are awesome.His hitting attributes read 103 contact and 122 power against righties, with 114 contact and 102 power against lefties. While Banks was a great hitter, he was also a gold glove winner in both of his MVP seasons. He gets 92 fielding with 86 reaction, which means he will get to balls quickly hit in the hole or up the middle. The one knock on this card is his lack of speed with only a 54 speed attribute.Willie MaysWhile those first two cards are great, this last card may become the best card in the game. 99 overall 300/300 club center fielder Willie Mays from the San Francisco Giants. A lucrative club, Willie Mays is one of eight members. This card is based on his whole career with 660 home runs and 338 stolen bases.Mays’ hitting attributes read 117 contact and 113 power against righties, with 118 contact and 123 power against lefties. If those hitting stats were not enough, he also has 99 fielding with 99 reaction, which means fly balls in play towards the middle of the field, there is a good chance Mays is going to be able to get to it. Because of his stolen bases, Mays also gets 94 speed and 91 steal attributes.OverallWow! This may be the best program of the season. All three of these options are awesome. I think it is safe to assume that if you have the stubs, players will purchase all of these cards as they are all viable options at any difficulty.Make sure to check back in next week as we will go over all of the cards that San Diego Studios put out for the divisional series program. Happy Grinding!Stay tuned for more esports news over at!

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New Battle Royale Rewards

The baseball season is coming to an end with the MLB Playoffs currently taking place. Even with all of the live content San Diego Studios is pumping out, they are still dropping content for the everyday player.There are two new rewards this time through in the Battle Royale Program. The first reward is collected when you get to 90 Batte Royale points. The second is in the flawless pack that can be obtained by going 12-0 or by getting to 100 Battle Royale points.Cole HamelsTaking the position at the 90 point mark is the 99 overall No-Hitter Moment Cole Hamels. This card is representative of Cole Hamels’ no-hitter that he threw back in July of 2015. In the game, Hamels struck out 13 batters and walked just two.This starting pitcher card has a five-pitch mix of four-seam, circle-change, sinker, sweeping curveball, and cutter. This pitch mix could be an absolute problem. He has pitches that go in both directions with velocity as well as slower speeds.There are a couple of negatives to the card, however. The first is the lack of velocity, his fastball and sinker top out around 92-93 mph. The other is the 96 K/9 attribute. This will allow for online opponents to have larger PCI’s and make getting them out that much more difficult.Nolan ArenadoThe newest flawless reward is the 99 overall Signature Series Nolan Arenado. This card is a signature series for his time in Colorado, which means it encapsulates all of his statistics into one card. In his eight seasons in Colorado, Arenado averaged right around a .300 batting average and hit 30+ home runs in five of the eight seasons. Arenado also won the gold glove at third base in all eight of his seasons in Colorado.This cards hitting stats are superior with 105 contact and 106 power against righties, with 125 contact and 120 power against lefties. He can do it all at the plate and will be a constant tough out with 100+ in contact on both sides of the plate. He also has 99 fielding and 95 arm strength, which ranks him as a top defensive option as well at third base.One of the main negatives with this card is that he does not have any secondary positions. This far along into the season, guys who play the game pretty regularly will have the collection reward of Chipper Jones by this point, who has a primary position of third base. The other semi-negative to this card is his lack of speed, with only 46 in his speed attribute.OverallThese cards could both be used instantly if you can obtain them. While the cost to play Battle Royale is 1,500 stubs per draft, obtaining these cards without having to go 12-0 is such a nice feature this season.With the Division Series games wrapping up, there is more content on the horizon soon. Also, the 8th inning program is set to drop Friday afternoon as well. Make sure to come back this weekend and check out the newest cards added over the weekend.Happy Grinding!Stay tuned for more esports news over at!

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Content Drop from San Diego Studios

One of the best things San Diego Studios does is add live content based on what is happening with MLB in the current state. This week we received a Postseason Program based on the wild card games from earlier this week.The team at SDS also added another player program that will help with obtaining cards in the seventh inning program. Let’s take a look at both programs and discuss the cards that you get for completing the program.Wild Card Postseason ProgramThe developers at San Diego Studios have created a program based on the two Wild Card games played earlier this week. In this program, we receive four cards based on top performers from each of the four teams. Let’s take a look at each of these cards.The first card in the program is 98 overall second baseman Tommy Edman from the St. Louis Cardinals. In the Cardinals’ Wild Card game, Edman tallied three hits and stole two bases. His hitting stats read 125 contacts and 71 power against righties, with 109 contacts and 85 power against lefties. He was given 87 speed as well as a 99 stealing attribute.The next card is 98 overall left fielder Giancarlo Stanton from the New York Yankees. Stanton went three for four with a home run in the Yankees’ Wild Card game. This card’s hitting stats read 107 contacts and 125 power against righties, with 104 contacts and 120 power against lefties. The defense has always been Stanton’s downside on his higher overall cards, however, this card has 81 defense so could get the job done in left field.After Stanton, you will receive 98 overall starting pitcher Nathan Eovaldi from the Boston Red Sox. In Boston’s Wild Card game, Eovaldi struck out eight batters in five innings, allowing just a single run. The pitch mix for Eovaldi reads four-seam, curveball, slider, splitter, and cutter. His per 9’s are solid, with 102 H/9 and 101 K/9, making his usable, especially after a few parallels.The final card in the program is 99 overall left fielder Chris Taylor from the Los Angeles Dodgers. Taylor hit the walk-off home run against the Cardinals on Wednesday night to give the Dodgers the victory. This card’s hitting stats read 110 contacts and 125 power against righties, with 111 contacts and 103 power against lefties. Another benefit to this card is the fact that he can play every position on the field, except catcher, and has 87 defense so he will not be a liability at any position.This is always a fun time of the year for MLB The Show. The team at SDS will do this for every single round. Expect them to pump out content when the divisional series round of games ends sometime in the next couple of weeks as well.7th Inning Player ProgramThe Player Program for the week is 96 overall closing pitcher John Smoltz from the Atlanta Braves. This is a signature series card, which means it is a compilation of his best seasons at this position. Smoltz has a five-pitch mix of slider, four-seam, splitter, changeup, and curveball. One of the best features of this card is his speed variances, going from 98 mph on his fastball to 85 on his changeup.This card also has solid per 9’s with 104 H/9 and 116 K/9. If there was one negative to this card, it would be none of the five pitches he throws breaks to his arm side. This means that when facing righties, he does throw a pitch that is going to break in towards their hands, like a sinker or two-seam. I could see this card being used by players who need bullpen help, but doubtful he makes it into the top-tier competitive players’ bullpens.

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Tyler O’Neill is the September Player of the Month

The newest Monthly Awards cards have dropped for the month of September. In this program, we received five hitting cards, three relief pitchers, and one starting pitcher.Let’s take a look at each of these cards and discuss where they will be the most useful.Adbert AlzolayThis first card you will receive is the 96 overall relief pitcher Adbert Alzolay from the Chicago Cubs. This card has a great five-pitch mix with slider, sinker, four-seam, changeup, and cutter. This pitch repertoire is one of the best in the game for a relief pitcher.Another positive to this card is the 101 H/9, making PCI size very small for your opponents. A negative to this card is the 93 K/9, which means your opponent has a greater chance of fouling balls off and extending at-bats. Overall, this card is really nice, especially if you need a little bullpen help.While the top guys may not be using him, due to his lack of velocity, but guys who are mid-tier or below could instantly put this guy in their bullpen.Camilo DovalAnother relief pitcher is the second card in the program, 96 overall Camilo Doval from the San Francisco Giants. In the month of September, Doval did not give up a single earned run and included three saves to his resume. This card only has a three-pitch mix of a slider, four-seam, and cutter.While this card does have the velocity, his fastball gets up to 99, this card will not make many bullpens due to the three-pitch mix. He also does not get outlier so his fastball will stay rather flat. This is a theme team card at best.Austin HaysWe get our first hitting card with 97 overall left fielder Austin Hays from the Baltimore Orioles. In September, Hays batted .284 for the Orioles, getting on base at least once in every game except for two. This card’s hitting stats read 78 contact and 114 power against righties, with 95 contact and 92 power against lefties.While these stats are not the craziest, there is some potential. One of the negatives to this card is the lack of 100+ contact. This far along into the game, it seems like every card that is used in the competitive setting has over 100 contact from both sides of the plate.Ian HappAfter Hays, we get our next hitting card with 97 overall left fielder Ian Happ from the Chicago Cubs. Happ recorded an eight-game hitting streak during the month of September, tallying 16 hits and four home runs. Happ’s hitting line reads 96 contact and 125 power against righties, with 100 contact and 75 power against lefties.This card could be used immediately for any skill level player, especially after a couple parallels to get his contact to 100+ against righties. One negative is he only has 77 fielding, so even though he does have four other secondaries, he will more than likely be forced to play his primary.Ranger SuarezOur only starting pitcher is next with the 97 overall starting pitcher Ranger Suarez from the Philadelphia Phillies. In the month of September, Soireez led all starting pitchers with a 1.15 ERA. This card features a four-pitch mix of sinker, changeup, four-seam, and slider.This is another card that is pretty cool to have on a theme team but will more than likely not get used much in competitive settings. His fastball/sinker combo barely breaks 90 and his changeup sits at 85 so there is not much speed variance on this card at all.Lucas SimsOur next relief pitcher is the 97 overall Lucas Sims from the Cincinnati Reds. In the month of September, Sims struck out 50% of the batters he faced, while not walking a single batter. He has a four-pitch mix of four-seam, curveball, slider, and changeup.This card does feature really nice per 9’s with 108 H/9 and 112 K/9 which is something you definitely want in a relief pitcher. The biggest negative to this card is the lack of velocity, with his fastball topping at 95 mph. A potential addition for the mid-tier player but more than likely is another theme team card.Eugenio SuarezOur only infielder of the program is next, 98 overall third baseman Eugenio Suarez from the Cincinnati Reds. Suarez his .370 for the month of September, with the last 12 games hitting .413 with six doubles and five home runs. Suarez’s hitting stats read 125 contact and 120 power against righties, with 102 contact and 102 power against lefties.This card immediately becomes useful with his success against both righties and lefties. He can be placed on the bench of any competitive team and used as a regular pinch hitter, not just for the matchup. Look for Suarez to be used a lot right away.Lourdes Gurriel Jr.Our final card before the lightning card is the 98 overall left fielder Lourdes Gurriel Jr. from the Toronto Blue Jays. In September, Gurriel led the MLB with 30 RBI’s and hit .542 with runners in scoring position. Gurriel’s hitting stats read 97 contact and 118 power against righties, with 125 contact and 86 power against lefties.Besides the 125 contact against lefties, I struggle to understand how this card received a 98 overall rating. This is a mediocre card, that could have been used much earlier in the program in my opinion. This is a possible theme team card at best.Tyler O’NeilThe lightning card for September is 99 overall Tyler O’Neill. In September, O’Neill hit .328 while leading the MLB in home runs with 13, RBI’s with 30, and total runs with 31. O’Neill’s hitting stats read 106 contact and 115 power against righties, with 125 contact and 125 power against lefties.This card’s insane and is easily one of the best lightning cards of the year. His hitting stats are phenomenal and his defense is also great. He has 94 fielding coupled with 99 speed, allowing him to be a great outfield option at any level. Looking at this card, it is hard to find a negative, and it is safe to assume he will be used immediately.OverallOverall, there are a couple of really nice cards in this program that can be used at any level. This Tyler O’Neill card is going to be a blast to use. Remember, these cards are completely free by completing the moments and knocking out the missions.While there is a little bit of work to be done to obtain these cards, getting one of the best hitters in the game for free is completely worth it. Make sure to check for all your esports news. Happy Grinding!

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MLB The Show Player Programs

Welcome Joe Carter and Willie StargellThe 7th Inning Program has just dropped and San Diego Studio is doing everything in its power to try and get players to the XP requirement as fast as possible. With two new player programs, this is quite the boost.The best part about the player programs this season, they can all be done completely for free. Let’s take a look at the two new programs and talk about how we get them.Moments Joe CarterThe first program to complete is for the 96 overall 30 for 30 moments first baseman Joe Carter. This card is in relation to his 1987 season where he hit 32 home runs and had 31 stolen bases. His hitting stats read 84 contact and 103 power against righties, with 74 contact and 92 power against lefties.Another great quality about this card is his 81 speed. Primary first basemen lack speed, there is no hiding that. This card has a chance to be a little bit of a menace on the base paths if you are building a team around speed. He also has secondary positions as the outfield, which the 81 speed will definitely be a benefit if you decide to try him out there.MVP Willie StargellThe second program, when completed, will allow you to obtain 96 overall, 1979 MVP, first baseman Willie Stargell. In 1979, Stargell batted .281 and hit 32 home runs with 82 RBI’s. The hitting stats on this card read 101 contact and 115 power against righties, with 82 contact and 107 power against lefties.This card definitely has less appeal right off the bat than the Joe Carter. He has no secondary positions and his speed is at 32. He also has bronze fielding with his rating at 66. This card has very little to no chance of making any competitive players teams, however, the Pirates do not have a ton of legends so far this season, so he will be nice for Pirates theme teams.OverallTo obtain these cards, there is a simple strategy. Head to the moment’s portion of the menu and complete all the moments for these players. Once that is done, head into their program and complete the quick exchange of players needed. After that, the final step is to take on the Pirates and the Indians in a play vs. CPU matchup on all-star and defeat those teams.While these cards are not game breakers and more than likely will not be seen by the competitive guys, the players who are struggling to fill their bench could easily plug these guys in. As stated with Stargell, the biggest benefit to these cards would be putting them into theme teams. They are also both valuable for the Clayton Kershaw collection.Make sure to check back in this weekend as they have announced the return of the Run It Back choice packs. Hopefully, you are making headway on the 7th inning program and are one step closer to Hank Aaron.Make sure to check out for all your esports news. Happy Grinding!

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