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MLB the Show 3rd Inning Program

The 3rd inning program for MLB the Show 21 has been out for a little over a week now. Just like the first two programs, the third inning program again is xp based. The more you play the game, the more rewards you will receive. Let’s take a look at the choice packs you will receive as well as what else is new in the game.
100,000 XP
Once a player has accumulated 100,000 xp in this program, they will be rewarded with their first third inning diamond choice pack. In this pack, the first option for the player to choose is the 86 overall 2nd half heroes Keith Hernandez. THis card has a primary position of first base, bats left handed and throws left handed. The best part of this card is the 90+ contact from both righties and lefties. With minimal power, and minimal speed, this card will more than likely only be see on theme teams.
The next player is the 86 overall all star catcher Yasmani Grandal This switch hitting card has 57 contact and 75 power against righties and 65 contact and 95 power against lefties. While those numbers are not the best, if you play this game, he definitely plays above those attributes. Another positive is his diamond defense. The biggest negative is the 13 speed.
The final option is the 86 overall 1948 rookie Richie Ashburn. This card is a primary center fielder, with a secondary option of the corner outfield spots. This card, a lot like the Hernandez card, is a contact demon with 95+ from both sides. He is also lightning fast with 88 speed and 76 steal. Biggest downsides to this card is the lack of power and the 70 fielding.
175,000 XP
At 175,000 xp, the player will receive the third inning classics choice pack. The first card is the 89 overall 2017 postseason Didi Gregorious. This card plays shortstop and does not have a secondary position. The left handed swinging Gregorious is a right handed pitching killer. With 85 contact and 89 power, he is great if the pitching is coming from the right side. From a lefty, he only has 69 contact and 50 power.
The next option is the 89 overall 2019 postseason relief pitcher Blake Snell. For baseball fans, Snell is most notably known as a starting pitcher. In 2019 however, he was sent out to make relief appearances in the postseason. The best part of this card is he is left handed. There is a definite shortage of lefty options to come out of the bullpen, so this card fills a role many players need.
The last option is the 88 overall 2019 May monthly awards Rafael Devers. This card swings from the left side, throws right handed and plays first base, with a secondary of first base. This card is a hitting machine. Against righties he has 105 contact and 83 power. Against lefties he has 92 contact and 87 power. With only 57 defense, there will be several players who have budget teams that can use this card off the bench.
350,000 XP
At 350,000 xp the choice pack will contain the 3rd inning bosses. The first option is 97 overall 30/30 club center fielder Grady Sizemore. This is another righty destroyer with 92 contact and 106 power. Against lefties he only has 62 contact but does get 83 power. This card is also an elite defender with 94 fielding, 82 arm power, and 90 reaction. He also has 86 speed and 95 stealing. If you do not have the collections done, this card will make a great addition to your outfield.
The next option is the 97 overall signature series closing pitcher Dennis Eckersley. A four pitch mix of slider, sinker. Four seam, and curveball, this card will get the job done. One of the first signature series cards that is easily obtainable, this Eckersley card is a solid choice. He also has great attributes, with 106 H/9, 113 K/9, and 107 BB/9. The biggest downside to this card, on a normal year, would be the lack of velocity. However, in this game, there are several starters that throw overly hard, so the change of speed may be beneficial.
The final option is a new legend, 97 overall silver slugger Troy Glaus. WIth primary third base, Glaus can also play shortstop. This is a very solid hitting card, with 79 contact and 107 power against righties. He also has 125 contact and 125 power against lefties. He has 97 fielding, 86 arm strength and 83 reaction. While the defensive numbers are not the best, he definitely makes up for it with great offensive statistics.
Ranked Seasons
The competitive game mode has just restarted. In the quest for the World Series, there are also two new players in the world series pack. First is 99 overall starting pitcher Vida Blue. The other option in the 98 overall silver slugger David Justice. These are the two highest rated diamonds that have hit the market. While the world series is not the easiest thing to accomplish, the rewards make it worth grinding for.
MLB has the best content team in all sports games. There is so much new content each week, that it is almost tough to try and get these things done in a respectable amount of time. Make sure to check in next week as we go over any new content delivered by San Diego Studios.

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2nd Inning Player Program and New Event

With the new 2nd inning program, we get a new player program as well as a new event. Let’s discuss why and how to do the player program as well as break down the event and discuss some of the must have players for your lineups.
Fred McGriff
The 2nd inning player program involves 88 overall all star Fred McGriff. The left handed first baseman only plays first base. He has diamond hitting stats with 78 contact vs. righties and 76 contact vs lefties. He has 90 power vs. righties and 86 power vs. lefties. The real struggle with this card is the poor defense. With only 65 fielding, he will struggle to play first place at higher difficulties.
This card can be acquired a few different ways. The easiest of these ways is by completing the moments in the player program screen. There are six different moment options, some harder than others, but can be completed in less than an hour. Once that is completed, you make your way to the exchanges and simply exchange a few common first baseman to get you within eight points.
After the exchange, all you have to do is play the cpu where the cpu is the Padres on all star difficulty. After you beat them, you will have completed the program and will receive the card. This card will not make many lineups as there are several first basemen that have better power and fielding stats, but this is not a bad bench bat. He can also be collected in the second inning program screen for an extra 35,000 xp towards the completion of the 2nd inning program.
New Event
The 2nd inning program has also brought us a new event. This event is titled Silver Slugger. In this event, you have the ability to use any player you want as long as their base stats give them an overall rating of a silver player. If you do not have enough silver players, you can fill your roster with common players.
What makes this event nice is that most players are able to participate and have a fighting chance. In a lot of the other events coming up throughout the year, the events will be able to use some of the best cards in the game that will make it tougher for more of the average player. This event is three inning games with normal rules.
There are a few players that are must haves in your lineup. If you are planning on just using live series players, Dustin May, Corey Kluber and Eugenio Suarez are must haves in your lineup. If you have the ability to spend some stubs, look into the Topps Now Akil Baddoo, the Veteran Robin Chirinos, the Rookie Matt Adams, and the Breakout Logan Morrison.
With this event also comes a reward path. The reward path that is always there is the 12 in a row win reward. If you are able to win three games without losing two, you are rewarded with a bronze player. If you are able to win six, you get a silver player. Nine wins gets you a gold player. And if you are good enough to win 12 games without losing two you are rewarded with an 85-89 live series diamond.
There are also reward paths for total wins. At 25 wins you are rewarded with 89 overall silver slugger Asdrubal Cabrera. This card is one of the best hitting primary shortstops in the game. He is a switch hitter that has 82 contact and 82 power vs righties, and 95 contact and 67 power vs. lefties. He is also rated gold for his fielding, which he has a 75 fielding attribute, 80 arm power and 80 arm accuracy. For a no money spent player, this card is very viable at the shortstop position.
If you are able to get to 40 wins, you will be rewarded with 92 overall gold glove Nick Markakis. This card is a double diamond, meaning he has diamond hitting stats and diamond fielding stats. He has 101 contact and 68 power vs. righties and 85 contact and 45 power vs. lefties. He has a 91 fielding attribute, 92 arm power and 96 arm accuracy. This is another card that will not make many competitive lineups with the top players, but could be a potential bench bat, or be a starter for players who do not have a lot of live series players.
There are also tons of free packs and stubs that can be acquired the more wins you gather. Also, online pvp games usually gain more xp then play vs. computer games, so if you are trying to get the 2nd inning program completed and do not want to play ranked seasons games, this is another easy way to accrue lots of xp needed for the program.
For any major updates or programs be sure to check into for all your MLB the Show 21 news and for anything else esports.

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COD League Recap (Monday): Stage Three Major Recap

COD League Recap: Stage Three Major Recap They’re back! The Atlanta Faze have done it again. They are back on top winning the stage three major. Let’s discuss how they got there and some of the other big games that happened over the weekend. Quick Weekends Minnesota Rokkr, Paris Legion and Seattle Surge all had […]
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MLB the Show 2021 2nd Inning Program

Almost a full month into the release of MLB the Show 2021, the 2nd Inning Program has dropped. There are some differences in the way programs are completed in ‘21 than years past. Let’s explore those, then go over the reward path that will allow you to obtain the bosses.
Major Differences for ‘21
In recent years, programs were completed by earning stars. At a certain number of stars, you received rewards aper the number of stars you had. This year the reward path is a little different. In order to accrue the rewards, you just have to be playing the game and earning xp or experience points.
XP is rewarded playing any type of game mode, whether it is playing online in pvp ranked seasons, battle royale, or event games. Or, you can play offline modes, such as road to the show, franchise, or games against the computer. All of these different game modes result in obtaining xp needed to complete the program.
There are missions involved as well that give boosts to your xp. You can obtain 5,000 xp by winning 10 games in competitive online modes, scoring 21 runs with either Prospect, Rookie, or Breakout series players, or 10 stolen bases with any players in online game modes. There are also daily missions that change each day that gives a less significant amount of xp, but it is extra nonetheless.
Another significant xp boost is gained by completing the 2nd inning martian conquest map. Each program will feature a different conquest map based on the theme for that program. This current program has an outer space theme, hence the martian title. The conquest map features eight territories that must be captured. Once you have completed all of the goals, you will receive 25,000 xp for completing the map.

Let’s talk about the good stuff that is obtainable during this program. As you get to certain markers, there are all types of different rewards. Some involve just obtaining stubs or different pack variations. You can also obtain different unlockables to help with your created player attributes.
100,000 XP
There are three main packs along this rewards track that are obtained at 100,000 xp, 175,000 xp, and 350,000 xp. At 100,000 xp you will receive a gold player choice pack. In this pack, you will get to pick between one of three players. The first option is an 84 Rookie Ryan Klesko. The left fielder has gold hitting and silver defense. While most competitive players will shy away from this card, if you are just starting out, this card has great hitting stats against right-handed pitching, 78 contact, and 98 power.
The next option is 84 All-Star Michael Young. This card has the main position of shortstop but can play both second base and third base as well. Featuring diamond hitting and common defense, this player is another guy who could be a potentially good budget bench bat. With superior contact from both the righties, 97, and lefties, 103, this card would make a great pinch hitter in a clutch spot.
The final option is 84 All-Star starting pitcher Catfish Hunter. This card features a four-pitch mix with 4seam fastball, slider, changeup, and curveball. The best feature with this card is the 116 stamina that he has, meaning his energy bar will stay filled for longer. His pitch velocity is not that great, with his fastball only reaching 90 mph. His slider will be his best pitch featuring 85 break.
175,000 XP
Once you get to the 175,000 xp mark, these are the cards that will become potentially playable in competitive lineups. The first choice is 87 overall Future Stars third baseman, Austin Riley. This card is an absolute hitting machine. With contact for both being above 65, the main positive for this card is the power. From righties, Riley features 92 power, and from lefties, he features 95 power. His defense is not the best, with 76 fielding, he does have first base secondary, which 76 makes him completely usable there,
The next option is 87 overall Future Stars starting pitcher Michael Kopech. This card throws absolute gas and has a really nice five-pitch mix. Kopech’s pitch mix features both a four-seam and a two-seam fastball, a slider, a changeup, and a curveball. His four-seam fastball is at a max velocity of 99 mph, backed up with the outlier perk, which makes his fastball have the ability to reach 102 mph. The only real downside to this card is his control is less than stellar.
The final option is the 87 overall September 2019 player of the month left fielder Brad Miller. This is one of those cards that if you have played this game, you know that he plays way above his stats. One of the best features of this card is that he is able to play every position on the field except for the catcher. He bats lefty at the plate and has superior hitting stats against righties with 98 contact as well as 115 power. Against lefties, he is not as great but usable with 69 contact and 76 power.
350,000 XP
Now we get to the program’s final bosses. This is where the three best cards of the program will be found. The first option is 95 overall closing pitcher Lee Smith. This is a new style of card featuring the accomplishment series, marking him as the 300 save club card. He features a four-pitch mix with 4seam fastball, slider, cutter, and forkball. Smith has max velocity on his fastball at 99 mph and features one of the best pitches in the game, the cutter, which he throws at 94 mph. The best features on this card are 101 h/9 and 122 k/9.
The next option is the 95 overall All-Star Don Mattingly. This card is a base-hitting machine, with 108 contact against righties and 113 contact against lefties. While his power numbers are not the best, 83 against righties and 50 against lefties, this guy will be great in the two-hole or at the bottom of your lineup when you need a big base hit. Another perk to this card is it can play all corner positions on the field and play them all at a high level. He is the only card in the game that throws left-handed and has the ability to play third base at diamond level fielding.
The final card in this group is the newest legend to the game, 95 overall prime series left fielder Jason Bay. In his first year in the game, Bay is rewarded with great hitting stats. He features 92 contact and 96 power against righties, as well as 106 contact and 100 power against lefties. One of the biggest issues with this card is he only has 77 fielding, 70 arm strength, and 64 speed. With the ability to play all three outfield spots, those stats limit him to really only being viable in left field. Looking at his overall statistics, this seems like Bay’s most potential will be seen as a bench bat.
This program allows you to obtain two diamond players and a gold player choice pack. If completed all the way to 650,000 xp, you are also rewarded with an 85-89 overall live series diamond player. There is also a Space 2 choice pack that rewards a diamond player as well. If completed all the way through, you will receive 43 standard packs, three headliner packs, two ballin is a habit pack, a diamond player item choice pack, and 39,000 stubs overall.
All these rewards are given simply for playing the game. If you are contemplating picking up the game, these features are one of the best reasons to play. Unlike many games these days, there is no need to have to pay actual money to obtain a great roster. The gameplay has been great, and the content is always top-notch from San Diego Studios.

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