Originally published at footballtakes.com by Ayden Frickleton

Why USC Will Miss Out On The Playoff

USC has no chance of making a playoff run this year. Read this article to see why USC lost their chance to make it to the National Championship playoffs.


Why USC Will Miss Out On The Playoff

After a miserable loss to Utah on Friday night, USC falls to 11-2 with their chances of the playoffs out the window. If the Trojans were able to get through on Friday, then there would have been no question, they had their chance in the playoffs.

Caleb Williams in the second half did not look well going down the stretch. Williams was limping around and not being able to escape the pocket that much which hurt the Trojans in the fourth quarter. Williams really had no chance of coming back when the defense could not stop the offense for the Utes.

The Utes took the game by ease after getting a sealing pickoff in the fourth quarter leading the Utes to a 47-24 victory.


What Happened to Caleb Williams

Williams is a loved or hated player in the Pac-12. Many love how Williams carries himself and what he can do on the field. Some other people do not like the emotion and softness they believe he brings to the Trojans offense.

When plays do not go his way, he is pointing the finger at anyone besides himself. I believe Williams, though he has not been talked about a lot, is an overall solid quarterback. Williams really did play phenomenal this season with being ranked third in passing yards with over 4,000 yards in 13 games.

In those 13 games, Williams racked up 37 touchdown passes and is tied with two other quarterbacks for the number one stat.


The Timing Before Half

The Trojans jumped off to a huge lead in the first quarter with a 14-3 lead heading into the second quarter. This is where things took a turn for the worse with the Utes scoring 14 in the second quarter and the score changing to 17-17 going into halftime.

This shocked many Trojan fans after being up by 14 at one point in the game. After a slow start after halftime with the Utes being able to put one more score on the board. Heading into the fourth the Utes were up by seven.

In the fourth quarter, the Trojans were confident with a comeback win over the Utes. However that was far from the truth with the Utes going on a 23-7 run in the fourth quarter.


Who Takes USC Spot?

With USC being 11-2 and the committee not liking to take in a two-loss team the Trojans can almost count themselves out. The team that will be moving into their spot will be the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Although the Buckeyes took a big loss to Michigan, the Buckeyes should be able to redeem their top four spot next week. The Buckeyes are one of the only one loss teams, along side TCU, which helps their case with the committee after the Trojans lost on Friday.